Monday, November 16, 2015


*Please note while Barry's name remains at the bottom of this blog, he is on vacation and the information/views posted in his absence do not reflect Barry's views or the views of the Allen Americans organization.

What an evening for the Pierro-Zabotel family as their son was the guest skater of the night!

                                                         (photo courtesy of Lauren Lyssy)

Before a crowd of 5050 on Sunday, we all witnessed something we have never seen at the Allen Event Center.  The Allen Americans scored the first goal for the Colorado Eagles by being on a delayed power play.  Our net was empty due to an impending penalty on the Eagles and we had our extra attacker on the ice.  Who would have ever thunk it???

Game Highlights:
  • Goal 1 was the unusual goal which resulted from an errant pass from J. P. LaFontaine which careened off the far boards and into the American's empty net.
  • Goal 2 resulted from Trent Daavettila intercepting a pass from Aaron Gens deep in the Allen zone then making a sweet pass to wide-opened Kyle Ostrow.
  • Goal 3 was courtesy of Aaron Gens getting the puck through a crowded net scoring his 4th goal of the season.
  • Goal 4 resulted from LaFontaine making a nifty pass to Tristan King coming to the net
  • Goal 5, the night's only power play goal resulted from Justin Courtnall screening the Eagle's Goalie Jacob DeSerres for Jonathan Parker to score
  • Goal 6 was a pass from Dyson Stevenson and Rick Pinkston to Vincent Arseneau who fired the biscuit over the shoulder of DeSerres
  • Goal 7, with an extra attacker on the ice, Joe Zarbo scored on a rebound in front of the net and lifting the puck over 2 Allen defenders
  • Congratulations to Vincent Arseneau for his Gordie Howe Hat Trick
  • Unlike Friday night, this game was a more physical contest in which there were 8 fighting majors and 3 roughing minors
  • Chad Costello's league leading point streak (9 games) and assists  streak (6 games) came to a screeching halt last night,  Chad is still tied for ECHL league lead with 16 points and leads the league with 12 assists. 
Cheap Shot of the Night Award goes to Colorado defenseman Telgan Zahn who took out defenseman David Makowski with an apparent, deliberate knee-to-knee contact.  Makowski will be out of the lineup an estimated 6 weeks or more.   Coach Martinson will send video to the league for review.  Ian Schultz stuck up for his teammate by immediately challenging Zahn.

                                                    (photo courtesy of scenebyKimberly)

Coach Martinson's Post Game Comments:
  • Got off to tough start, did not like first period too much
  • Played more physical with push back as the game progressed, should have fought back last night as we did tonight "better late than never"
  • Dave Makowski will be out at least a month and a half 
  • Spencer Asuchak was injured earlier this week while playing for the Chicago Wolves (AHL)
  • Looking forward to our next meeting with Colorado
  • Colorado forechecked hard, reminded me of South Carolina, we need to work on forechecking 
  • Team was probably tired after playing 3 games in 3 nights, and recent call-ups gives us no extra players
  • Our next game with Missouri will be completely different, it will be more of a skilled game, they have 3 lines that can score
  • I particularly liked the line of Arseneau, LaFontaine, and Dyson Stevenson, they get goals, and are aggressive going to the net
  • Greger Hanson was a +2, scored a goal, and was the #1 star of the game, I suggested that he be like the "energizer bunny" on this call up
  • Still have the cat, the kids want him.  I scratch its' ears, feed it every morning and it still runs every time I enter the room.   Can't remember its name, think it might be Leroy or some name like that
Faith and Family night was a success as Gary Steffes hosted post- game assembly for Christian fans. Gary tirelessly gives his time and talents to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

(photo courtesy of Lauren Lyssy)

We took a few moments to speak with an ECHL goal judge to gain some insights of their role in the game. This particular goal judge actually watched Coach Martinson in San Diego while he was coaching the Gulls.  His involvement in organized hockey led him to the opportunity to be a goal judge.  

  • In addition to judging goals, his assistance is sometimes requested for further information on a goal scored and players involved. 
  • It is important to stay focused on the puck and tune out other distractions.  
  • The change to blue post (from red posts) this year has made the goal judge's job more challenging as they sometimes cast a different shadow and make it more difficult to distinguish the puck.  
  • There are occasional confrontations usually with goalies, the key is to remain objective.  
  • He has had some goals overturned, ultimately it is the referee's decision. If the puck completely crosses the line, the goal light will appear.

(photo courtesy of scenebyKimberly)

Did you know: Since 2009 there have been 4 empty net delayed penalty goals in the NHL. Prior to last night the most recent occurrence in professional hockey involved Forshega IF vs Tranas AIF in Sweden's Division I on Sept. 21, 2015.


  1. Thanks for explaining the empty netter. I thought Zahn shot the puck down the ice, but was not sure from where I was sitting. Also, thanks for filling in for Barry while he is out.

  2. Had a Colorado player touched the puck on the empty netter the whistle would have blown for the delayed penalty